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Success Stories: A Full-Home Renovation - We Made it Happen!

June 7, 2023
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Janet hadn't been feeling herself lately and she couldn't really explain why. She was at a point in her life that she was feeling stagnant and like she had outgrown her home. It had been years since she had remodeled the space, and it was starting to feel like a stale, lifeless place.

One day, while scrolling through her social media feed, Janet stumbled across a digital ad from a local construction company called Build Pro Construction (yes, that's us!). She clicked on it and was immediately captivated by the work they had done for other clients. Naturally, she proceeded to read their reviews and perform due diligence on the company.

Once she read all the positive reviews, she took a chance and reached out to them, unsure if she would even get an answer (you know how many contractors are). To her surprise, they got back to her almost immediately and a meeting was set for the following week.

On the day of the meeting, the contractors asked a lot of questions to understand her vision and what she wanted to accomplish. She had no idea what she wanted out of this project; all she knew she wanted was change.

The construction team was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, offering up suggestions and ideas that made the project easier than expected. Together they discussed blueprints and materials until finally, the plan was in place. Every step of the way, Janet watched as her dream-home began to come true right before her eyes.

A few months later, after countless hours of hard work, Janet's home was transformed. Everywhere she looked there were bright colors, patterns, and beautiful light that gave her home a perfect atmosphere.

Walls were knocked down to open up the space, all the other walls were freshly painted, new furniture had been added, and plants lined the windowsills. At night, the lighting design provided flexibility for the atmosphere given any occasion; she could host a party and use strong energizing colors that would even light up her deck and pool, or she could use her backyard for some Zen time and meditation with light colors and some relaxing music coming from her built-in sound system on her outdoor kitchen.

But the best part was how it made Janet feel. Inspired and revitalized by her new space, she suddenly felt alive again. And soon enough, friends of hers started coming over for hangouts in her living room and patio - a testament to how much her home had changed. It was clear that all the hard work and dedication had paid off - now Janet had a place full of love and life that finally matched who she was on the inside. She was actually full of joy that she could host her friends and family and welcome them into her home.

This story is one of the many that has moved us through the years, seeing our clients happy and mesmerized after all the chaos of construction and remodeling.

The end result is worth the wait, and these stories are a reminder that when we put our minds to something, nothing can stop us from creating something amazing.